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Story - Morton Family

This year has taken me to more gorgeous places in West Kentucky then I probably ever imagined. I have taken a record number of family pictures this year and have had more big groups (extended families) than I ever thought.

Honestly, it’s pretty cool.

I love these families. I am so grateful to them for letting me do what I do and trusting me to capture these wonderful memories. I’ve done sessions for family reunions and gatherings, for family vacations, for families who are being transferred to a far away military base.... it’s kind of incredible all the people that I’ve crossed paths with.

So, Brandi (who I actually used to work with in my hospital ) had text me about getting some pictures done while her brothers family was visiting and of course, I couldn't pass it up! I had done newborn pictures of her youngest son last fall and was overjoyed as always to have a returning client. So with Brandi's parents, her brothers family and her own, it was a lively and fun little evening... and yes, that's taking the 100 degree heat into account. You would never know it from these pictures though! Just totally amazing.

Oh, I didn't want to forget this detail.. so, this session was particularly special because it was actually done at the same place where Brandi and her husband, Blake, got married. It’s always sweet to have a session at a place that is of great significance to a client. The Suitors, who are the owners of this beautiful farm, are longtime family friends of Brandi’s family. I was told that Brandi and her brother actually worked for them when they were young. When I arrived at the farm, Mrs. Suitor was so hospitable and Mr. Suitor offered to drive me around in the golf cart to show me the sights. Sweet as they were, I didn’t hinder them with a golf cart ride, but explored the gorgeous grounds to scout out the best spots to shoot. I'm so in awe of everything they have established over the years and have decided that their project cabin (sadly not pictured here) is just perfection. Needless to say, I would have no problem photographing here again..

I’ll stop raving, but really..

Check out this gorgeous family!

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