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Newborn and Baby Sessions feat. creative Leah Severson

Back again y’all!

So I have just discovered these adorable quilted pillow / quilt pieces from Leah Severson and wanted - no I NEEDED - to share. (= If you know me, you probably know how much I love quilts. They are so pretty and classic and I mean, making a quilt is such skill after all. I gush every time. Thankfully I live super close to The National Quilt Museum…. I know, right?

I have used quilts in my family portraits before but I’m still wanting to use them for other sessions. I love babies and no, I’m not known for baby photography, but I still have newborn and baby sessions coming up – soon! How cute would it be to have this gorgeous, southern flair in sleepy newborn image? I can see it already! *heart eyes*

So, it’s my goal for the rest of 2018 to book some cute quilt-themed sessions! I also want to expand #SJPbabies with sweet little ones and perfect newborns. Are you expecting or know someone who is? I would love to be your baby and newborn photographer (don't forget my cake smash + first birthday sessions just got a huge upgrade).

I can think of so many ways to incorporate these quilt pillows and pieces and can't wait to add an excessive number of quilt pieces to my prop box. Thanks again to Leah for sharing her skills with us!

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Images by Leah Severson.

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