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McKenzie & Josh: A Country, Kentucky Wedding and DIY Dream

Back on the blog today with a wedding from September. I feel like after fall wedding season kicked off it was just a blur. Fortunately though, it was a blur of all the pretty things. I feel like I’ve seen so many beautiful bouquets and jaw-dropping dresses but most importantly I’ve seen several very happy couples! McKenzie and Josh‘s wedding was what I would consider a DIY dream. I have never seen such a detailed ceremony and reception. I don’t want to even think about the HOURS that were probably invested in finding each piece that created everything this day was. I met McKenzie and her girls at the home of a family member where they were getting ready in the “game room”. Of course hearing “game room“ you’re never sure what to expect, but when I walked in I was blown away at how perfect their getting-ready space was. I hurried through my detail shots and McKenzie said she had letters for her mother and her soon mother-in-law to read. We walked outside the game room to get a more intimate setting and it was a really sweet moment for the three. I may have forgotten to wear my waterproof mascara... Before we knew it, it was first look time with her dad. I love first looks with a couple but there’s definitely something super special about a first look with dad! This one did not disappoint. When we walked back up to the house from the first look McKenzie‘s daughter, Ava, was in her flower girl gown and was about the cutest thing! It was the first time McKenzie‘s dad had seen his grand girl dressed up for the wedding too. Needless to say it was a swarm of emotions and happy moments before I had to take off to the ceremony and reception venue. Remember where I said before that this wedding was a DIY dream? You’re definitely gentle want to scroll down and see those. But first — we knocked the guys portraits out super quick and I finished grabbing detail shots around the reception area. They had a s’more bar by a campfire, a boxwood backdrop photo booth, one of the coolest cake stands I have seen in a long time… oh did I mention that the ceremony backdrop was a gorgeous, geometric arch against a beautiful pond? Country dreams I’m telling you! Like many assume of grooms at a lot of weddings that I do, there was a big fuss over whether Josh would cry or tear up when he saw Mckenzie. If you weren’t at the wedding you’ll might have to find answer in the gallery. I actually knew this before the wedding day but when I arrived at the ceremony venue (also the home of the brides dad), I was reminded that McKenzie’s grandpa was actually officiating the ceremony. It’s not debatable that having a family member officiate is special, but when a grandparent is able to officiate - that’s the best. They had a really sweet ceremony. McKenzie, Josh and Ava mixed unity sand (one of my top 5 favorite unity options) and after McKenzie and Josh were pronounced husband and wife, all three walked hand-in-hand down the aisle together. Ava looked so proud! Let the party commence!! After we finished wedding party and family photos, we moved to the reception where guests were introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Josh Hutchison! We ate, had cake and cupcakes, and danced. A reception highlight was McKenzie‘s sister and her best friend/Maid of Honor doing a dance from White Chicks which had all of the guests laughing. It was definitely another wedding day that just flew by, but time flies when you’re having fun right? On my drive home I was sitting there trying to relive it and soak up all of the things; once again feeling so blessed to have another couple choose me to document such a special day. Congratulations again McKenzie and Josh!!! Wishing your little family worlds of happiness!

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