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Makenzie & Caleb: A Bowling Green Kentucky Engagement Session - Fountain Square Park

I should have known last week that we were in for record breaking snow because Mackenzie and Caleb's engagement session was a tiny bit on the cold side! You would have never known though, they were champs to say the least.

This was an out-of-town engagement session for me (and I guess technically it was for McKenzie and Caleb also since they live in Tennessee). Of course I had packed ALL of my camera gear and went very light when it came to packing clothes; so I threw on the thickest shirt I had and hoped that my hype-girl personality would get me through the session without freezing to death (insert some laughing GIF here)! Annnnd I made it!

As I said in an earlier blog post, I missed sessions last spring terribly. So much that maybe winter seemed even longer and I could not wait to get through the snow and just back to warm weather and blooming trees. Planning this engagement session was a great pep talk for myself! I wanted to do one thing that was something different (see the “grunge” parking garage style photo near the end) but ultimately, I wanted Mackenzie and Caleb to just have fun, enjoy themselves and be able to relax in front of the camera.

Side note: I will say that not all my couples have had engagement photos done.... and sometimes they have already have engagement photos planned or taken by the time they talk to me to book their wedding photography. Engagement photos are so important, especially if you do them with the photographer who will be photographing your wedding. Consider it a fun hour or two where you get to hang out with the person that you’re going to have documenting the best day of your life — your wedding day. As a couple, you get to know your photographer and see their flow of things and on your wedding day you might even hear “you did this during your engagement session!” As a photographer, you get to know the couple and the things they like and dislike which gives insight on how to “customize” bridal and couples portraits. So if you’re reading this and you’re wondering.... definitely don’t short yourself on an engagement session!! OK I’m off my soapbox. Ha.

One thing that I just did not think of while planning Mackenzie and Caleb session was — prom season!!! We did this session on a Saturday at Fountain Square Park which is an extremely popular prom portraits location in Bowling Green. There was zero parking to be found as I arrived early, so I quickly reached out to them with a plan B to let them know that we would be meeting behind the US Bank right off the square. This bank actually has a set of white stairs beside it which I love so we had to use them for a few pictures too. The law office beside the bank somehow gave me the NYC 385 Grand Avenue feels - which I LOVE! (**photographers everywhere are reading this and taking notes ha**)

Truly though, I had a blast with this! I love Mackenzie and Caleb’s style. I'm thankful that they were so cool with me trying out some shots in the underground bank drive though. While editing I kept saying: “oh my goodness, look how they look at each other!” And I included so many extras in their gallery just because of sweet smiles or looks. Finding your person is grand y'all.

I’m telling you all I love those smitten, forever-love couples and Mackenzie and Caleb are it. I cannot wait for their October wedding!!!


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