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Friday Introductions | Blog Week | The Girl Behind the Lens

Happy Friday everyone! We are over halfway through the year and it's been a wild one! Today I’d thought I’d do something a little different on the blog instead of my Instagram. Something popular in the small business and blogging world is thing called “Friday Introductions". If you follow my Insta you've seen mine a time or two. Today, I thought I’d write a blog post to give you a little more insight into the girl behind the lens at Shayna Johnson Photography. Feel free to interact with me in the comments below.. because my one of my favorite things is getting to know my following.

What is your perfect home? My dream home has changed over the years. When I was little I wanted the country house with dormers and big front porch. When I married my husband I said my dream home just had interior doors and trim (long story). Today I dream about a bright and airy shop house with a big open floor plan, studio - office, vintage light fixtures, a fireplace and a huge shop for my husband to keep his toys and restore old cars like he always talks about.

What’s your dream job (aside from what you do now)? Being a outdoors television show host would be the coolest thing I think. I would love to fish and hunt for a living and share my passion for the outdoors with everyone!

If you could hop on a plane tomorrow and travel somewhere for a month, where would it be? I would say Hawaii, but I think I'd be bored after two maybe Alaska... or outside the U.S. probably Italy or Greece. There are so many amazing sights in the U.S. I'd love to spend a month just traveling our part of the world.

What’s your go to TV series? I love Nashville on CMT, but unfortunately next week is the season premiere and it will be over. This Is Us is the best show I've ever watched though. Most of the time I slip into the trap of game shows like Ellen's Game of Games, Family Feud or Cash Cab.

Just hanging out downtown getting fancy ice cream!

What do you always have with you? My phone, or my planner. A real, hard copy, paper notebook. I don't trust technology enough to store my life on an electronic device. The Happy Planner is by far my favorite to date... I mean, it's a happy planner!

What’s your go-to snack? I don't snack a lot. But probably a bag of sea salt chips, or very select trail mixes.

What’s are some of your most played or favorite songs? Oh mercy! The variety!

  • Grace Got You – Mercy Me

  • Castle on the Hill – Ed Sheeran

  • Into Yesterday – Sugar Ray

  • Feel Invinsible – Skillet

  • Without Warning – Maisy Stella

  • Small Town Boy – Dustin Lynch

  • Pocket Full of Stars – Nine Black Alps

  • Back From Gone – Josh Tuner

  • Wings of an Angel – Lauren Alaina

  • Unchanged Melody – Jonathon Jackson

  • Can't Go Back – Little Big Town

  • Chills – James Barker Band

  • Saltwater Gospel – Eli Young Band

  • Walking on Water – Needtobreathe

What’s your favorite book series? College burnt me out on books... but a classic favorite will always be the James Herriot series. You can find them on Amazon here. Great books written by an English veterinarian, that provided many laughs for my family when I was younger.

What’s something that you will never give up on? Photography. My husband just said it was the one thing I was super focused on when he met me years ago. I've always wanted to be someone who didn't have to introduce herself. Someone who did business and lived life in an honorable fashion. Someone who helped and inspired others to be hard-working, independent individuals. I will never give up on chasing a dream, idea or adventure. I would rather have experiences over things any day of the week so adventure is always close to my heart.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? I was told motherhood is a superpower, so I thought I already had one. haha But seriously, I have no idea. Probably the ability to fly or teleport.