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Bobby & Kaylynn: A Grand Rivers, KY Lake, Lighthouse Landing Engagement Session

It was a Friday afternoon and I was on the road with my family to Livingston County for a family dinner when I got a call from Bobby. He said that he was wanting to propose to his girlfriend. The ring had quite literally just arrived that day, he didn’t want to have to wait to propose and was hoping that I was available to capture the moment.

Was I available??


I love proposals!

Bobby said that they were hoping to eat at Patti’s the following night (Saturday) and he was trying to decide if he should plan for the proposal to be before or after dinner. We chatted for a few minutes to figure it all out and nail down a plan. We would do the proposal and then they could go eat dinner. I suggested that this might deter any nervousness during dinner, so if they got engaged and then went to eat, at least they would just be excited and could eat their food and without being antsy. (: As a photographer who does a lot of weddings and engagements, it’s important to me to make sure that people are relaxed and comfortable. And when someone inquires with me about photographing their proposal, I’ve generally never met them before in my life so I try to keep everything easy to understand and headache free. Therefore, planning the proposal and mini engagement session at Lighthouse Landing prior to dinner just seem to make sense!!

According to the plan, my husband, our two littles and I were sitting out on the pier “fishing” waiting for Bobby and Kaylynn to arrive. The last proposal I had done at this area I had actually hidden in the tree line so it was definitely a little bit different having my entire family there as “disguise“. It was another dimension of fun for sure though! We were still fishing, thinking about snack time and had a little while before Bobby and Kaylynn were supposed to show up, when I got a text message from Bobby saying that the perfect opportunity had arrived the night before so he went ahead and proposed! They wanted to go ahead and do engagement pictures though if I was okay with that.

Sure! Of course!

I was pretty excited to hear about the proposal and was so glad that he did not pass up the perfect opportunity in thinking that he needed to wait for a photographer. Yes, I’m a photographer and love capturing all the things, but some very special moments are not photographed, they are just lived!! Totally worth it!

Delaying 30 minutes or so to try to let the heat subside a little, we went ahead and did the engagement session that afternoon. It was so good to meet both of them, learn a little bit about them and capture some sweet pictures. A pretty great afternoon to follow a very sentimental proposal if I may say so myself!

Congratulations to the future Mr and Mrs Hewgley!! It was an honor to capture this moment for you!


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