• PORTRAITS - Family $195*

    Family portrait sessions truly have a special place in my heart! I've gathered so many memories for so many families... after a parent and spouse coming home from military deployment, before and after adding a new family member, shortly before losing a loved one, families who live hundreds of miles apart and are just gathered for a weekend.... each one is pretty dear to me.

    Pricing for single household family portraits start at $195. *Additional fees apply for more than one household.


    A few years ago I decided to offer maternity portraits. I had photographed maternity portraits before but, after having my son and actually being a mother, I wanted a more elegant ​approach to the genre. That's when I started a client maternity closet with gowns to make mama's feel glamorous during their session. With my second pregnancy my maternity photographer talked me into letting her grab a few shot wearing one of her gowns and when I got the gallery back I couldn't have been more happy. They turned out to be some of my favorites. That's the feeling I want my maternity clients to have with these sessions.

    Maternity portrait pricing starts at only $240 and includes client closet access.

  • PORTRAITS - Senior $220-$500

    High school is a crazy time in life. Family time, friend time, getting good grades, high school sports, scholarships, prom and other social events. And what's after graduation? Trade school, college, just getting a job? We know how important our highschool kids are and so we've dedicated a full page for them on the SENIOR LOVE tab!



  • PORTRAITS - Headshots $95

    You are an up and coming entrepreneur, but still need those headshots so you can tell the world about your creation and talent. Or maybe you are about to graduate college and need those resume headshots so your dream employer won't forget your face. Well, you've come to the right place! Sessions start at only $95..... (so mom and grandma, it's the perfect graduation gift!)

    Full Branding Sessions are also available!

  • SJP Branding session - $550

    Looking to capture the full essence of your business? SJP Branding Sessions are where we dive into the what and who of your business, get a photojournalist approach to your workday with captivating content images for website and/or social media, and of course, we won't forget some professional headshots either. Also, as of 2020, SJP Branding Sessions will be featured on the SJP Blog with your business information included!

  • Collaborations - $Various

    Collaborations are some of our favorite "off-season" activities. We have helped several small businesses with their product photography and it's always a great experience and something different for us to do during the slow time of year (generally holidays, July/August).


    Don't worry, you don't have to be a local shop to participate. Just mail the product to our office, and receive professional product images in your email within a week*.


    *One week is average turn-around-time. Turn-around-times will be agreed upon prior to accepting collab projects.

2020 Session Pricing

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