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Big News!!

New for 2024 -- I'm starting photography mentorships!!


Get ready for a fun time learning about the ever-evolving world of photography! With 3 mentorships to chose from, I'm excited to offer this opportunity to aspiring photographers. Learn the basics, capture moments, tweak angles, and turn ordinary locations into beautiful art.


Mentorships start at $500 but keep reading to uncover ALL the details. Also, please know that being considered as your mentor for your photography journey is a massive honor and I don't take it lightly! We're in for an amazing ride together. Let's make it happen! 


"I had the privilege of being mentored by Shayna Johnson, and I cannot express how transformative the experience was. Shayna is not just a talented photographer, but also an incredible mentor. Her guidance was insightful, practical, and tailored to my unique needs. She has a remarkable ability to break down complex concepts into understandable, actionable steps, making the learning process enjoyable and effective, and throughout the whole experience, she creates such a supportive and encouraging environment.


Through Shayna's mentorship, I gained so much valuable knowledge. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn from Shayna Johnson. Her mentorship has not only elevated my photography skills but also ignited my passion to continue to pursue and grow in the photography industry. I highly recommend Shayna Johnson Photography for anyone seeking expert guidance and a transformative learning experience."


Types of Mentorships




A 1-1 coffee/lunch date where you bring all your gear and we go over it and learn about it (I’m a Canon girl, but all brands have their perks!) We’ll discuss the basics of using your camera and manual mode, how to capture the best moments and develop an editing style you like. Do you like light and airy or dark and moody images? You also get to bring all the questions you can think of for me and we do a little headshot session for you during the mentorship as well!


Mentorship session + shoot experience! Know the basics about your camera already and want to shoot or get session experience? I’ve got you! This option will take you on location with a couple or senior session. You can shoot alongside me and take the reins too with posing practice and find your groove. You can’t have a mentorship without food so after the session we eat and can review images from the session and you can ask any questions you have. This option also comes with an in-studio mini headshot session that you can book later (must be used within 6 months of your mentorship date).



Wedding Days. Think dreamy wedding days are where it’s at? Let’s go! Come tag along with me on a wedding day (select dates only). You can see the ins and outs of everything! Wedding days are my favorite so be ready for a fun time! Shooting time is not guaranteed but bring your camera to be safe! I love giving that option if at all possible. This option also comes with a headshot session that you can book later (must be used within 6 months of your mentorship date).


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