Congratulations! You've been dreaming about this day for a long time. Now you're engaged and ready to plan out your forever! You will spend many hours planning out the details and perfecting everything for your wedding day, but you really need a great photographer to document it all. That's where I come in... well, I come in way before that! Consider me your planning sidekick! I love details and hearing what you are thinking for your wedding. From the moment you hire me as your photographer I'm there to bounce ideas off of, help with your timeline, or just vent to - because let's be honest, wedding planning CAN be stressful! This is what I do and I LOVE it!


At Shayna Johnson Photography, we love joy and fun times. Our hubby + wife team is excited to have fun with you on the biggest day of your life. We are silly and fun, but also diligent about timelines and attention to detail. We carry cameras, but we are also flower holders, train fixers, and have been known to pin a boutonniere or two and pass out tissues for all the happy tears.


If you are a fun, adventurous couple looking for a photographer who is there every step of the way, I would love to have you join the SJP family!

Message me and let's chat!